Non Profit Fundraising Events

Holding a fundraising event is a great way to raise money for your charity. Fundraising events are the best way to get a community involved and have fun while doing it. When doing this you should think outside the box. Getting creative will optimize your results and you will receive the most out of your efforts. Here are some great event ideas that will help you brainstorm the perfect event for your charity or organization.

Walk-A-Thon-A great healty event. You can have sponsors and provide ammenities for participants. Throw in some entertainment and prizes, this will bring a big crowd.

Recycling Drive/Cans,Bottles-While this approach may seem like nickles and dimes, if well publicized and promoted, the proceeds will really add up. You and your group would handle sorting and funds and be well on your way.

Garage Sale- Hold a massive garage sale and have sponsors and your group donate things they do not need or use and sell them for your cause. You would be surprised all the things people have laying around.

Car Wash- You probably will not find a person out there who has not seen someone standing alongside the road waving a huge sign for a car wash. These are very popular and can be a huge success. All you have to do is ask permission of the property owner or business to hold the event.

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Event- This type of event can be quite a success. Who doesn’t like to eat, right? Hold a dinner at an available restaurant or space of your choosing and sell plates of food. Quite simple.

Book/Bake Sale- Invite people to donate their books that they have laying around or have them bake special cakes, cookies and what nots for a profit.

Raffle Event- Sell raffle tickets for a great prize and or prizes at a special gathering.

I hope some of these ideas help you decide which one is right for your charity. The key is to choose and event just right for your cause and will do well in your community.

Some key points to remember:

1. Choose the right night or day to hold the event. Be sure there are not any other major activities that may take away from your event.

2. Have trusted people helping you.

3. Hold your event in a well known location where there is easy access and if possible not too far away from anyone who may want to come.

4. Hold your fundraising event at an appropriate time. Do you live in a military community, rural, urban?. What time will most people be available? Talk it up and see what you can find out.

5. Publicity/Advertisent. Getting the word out is the most important thing you can do. Make sure as many people as possible know about what you are doing. Putting up flyers, going online, word of mouth, radio announcements. Anything within your reach.