Non Profit Board Of Directors

Being on the board of directors for any non profit organization can be a life changing experience. It can be one of the most influential and satisfying experiences you ever have. Managing a non profit organization is a full time job, and not just something that can be done in your spare time. A strong board is what will make a non profit organization successfull.

There are 10 Responsiblities of a NonProfit Board.

1. Chosing a CEO. The Board must conduct a search for the most qualified person for this position.

2. After finding this CEO, it is the board’s job to support and ensure the chief has all he or she needs to further meet the goals of the organization.

3. Determine a mission and purpose.

4. Set effective goals and see that these goals are reached.

5. Make sure effective resources are at hand and managed effectively.

6. Protect assets and provide financial oversight. The board must assist in developing an annual budget and see to it that financial controls are used.

7. Monitor and strengthen services and programs.

8. Building a competent board, and setting a high standard for others.

9. Ensuring legalty.

10. Gaining support in the community and building relationships.

Directors should oversee all aspects of the organization and attend regular meetings to ensure all resources are managed successfully and effectively. They must also be able to set aside all personal and individual interests and be in support of the full potential of the organization. They should entrust a duty of care, loyalty, and obedience.

A great board should be passionate about their purpose, have knowledge of the organization at hand, a clear understanding of the goals set forth, and be committed to the goals at hand. Having a wide variety of expertise and most importantly anyone on the Board MUST have the time available to contribute to the success of the organization.