Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to having a great fundraising idea you first must ask yourself what do you and your company have to offer. Whether it be volunteering, goods and services, or maybe an actual product that you are trying to sell, you must decide what you have available to incorporate into fund raiser.

Discount cards are a great fundraising tool. With a discount card you can have a card designed just for your needs and provide special discount to a buisiness or various businesses in the community and sell them to raise money. If you are selling them in a specific area you want to be certain the discounts you offer are in a small range area maybe with in 5 to 10 miles to make it worth the while.

Scratch cards are a newer fundraiser that you probably have not seen much. It can be used almost like a discount card, and those who buy them can scratch to win various discounts and coupons around the community. Many have found this option very successfull.

Candle and other goods that you could sell is a very popular fundraiser especially for schools. You can find a company to order your fundrasiers from and you would have your organization of group sell them to raise money for your school, church or other organization.

Chocolate bar fundraisers fall close to the candle fundraiser, with the same concept. There are very popular as well in schools and churches.

Some other great ways to raise money are recycling, wrist bands, t-shirts, dvds, calanders, fundraising dinners, marathons, ticket sales for a prize, and car washes.

When it comes down to it there are actually hundreds of ways to provide fundraising. Know what your goals are. Like I said before you first have to know what you can offer in your community or organization that donors will want. After that you have to be knowledgable of getting the word out. You can do this through emails, online, sending letters, place an ad, asking you local chamber for support and even on facebook. Use your imagination and let it run wild.