What is Non Profit Fundraising?

Fundraising can sometimes be a difficult thing to do if you are not sure where to start. Traditionally, fundraising was asking people on the streets or from door to door to dontate to your cause or organization. However, these concepts have grown dramatically over the years and can sometimes be very competitive.

A huge part of any type of fundraising is building relationships. The stronger your relationships are with the people and businesses around you, the more likely you are to get first dibbs so to speak. In building these relationships, remember that this takes your personal time and efforts to build the basis of what you stand for. Knowing who you are and what you stand for, and sharing that, is what can make you or break you. Remember that you are not automatically entitled to any support, it is something that you must earn.

Persistance is key. You must have a well thought out plan to be successfull in any non profit fundraising task. The truth is that people are not walking around with their check books waiting on the next person to ask them for their hard earned money. You have to treat people like a customer or a friend. Only the ones who know that you  believe in what you are selling and the strength of your arguments are going to come forth with support.

There are many different types of fundraising out there that people are involved in. You can have a fundraising event in the community with a church, school or charity. Or maybe you would donate to an organization in order for them to spread your name and what you stand for. Sometimes you will find those that are looking for someone just like you to help them raise money, but the key is that they need to know who you are.